Why Pinterest's new diversity hiring goals actually matter - Fortune

In your blog post, co-founder Evan Sharp noted that many big tech companies--including Pinterest--have created little progress about hiring a lot more females and minorities, a failure that he attributes mainly for the fact "that companies haven't stated particular goals.".

So, why ended up being this such big news? Following all, those quantities (8% minority engineers?) aren't specifically gobsmacking, plus a objective is a great distance from a guarantee.

For me, the significance of environment very public targets had been brought home last week, while helping p

In an try to change that, Pinterest says it will increase new hires of full-time engineering roles to always be able to 30% female along with 8% minorities and bring non-engineering new hires up to 12% underrepresented ethnic minorities.

Pinterest created headlines last Thursday in the big event it announced in which it was http://linterest17.com likely upon record using its diversity hiring objectives for 2016

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